Manage your monthly recurring bills with BasicExpense.

A simple tool to organize all of your accounts.


Basic Features


All those little subscriptions add up.

Keep track of your subscriptions. Dropbox, Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, and many others can add up overtime. It is very easy to forget how many withdraw from your account on a monthly basis. They are usually small payments so you dont realize how much it really cost throughout the year.


Organize the House and Utility expenses.

Figure out what you're paying for all of your utilities and extra house expenses throughout the year. A place to manage home services such as lawn maintenance, maid service and and mandatory city expenses.


Wish List

Create a wish list of products you want to purchase in the near future. Categorize them to stay organized. You'll be able to add unlimited items to your list, and visualize how much everything will cost.

Credit Card Features


Credit Card Management + Payoff Calculator

Manage all your credit cards. Keep track of their interest rates, credit limits, monthly payments and make notes to remind yourself about certain events when you used the card for larger purchases or promotional services. With a built-in payoff calculator, figure out the best way to pay off your debt with minimal interest payments.